Re-evaluating your Website’s Reputation and Credibility

Reputation is the driving force behind very many successful internet activities. If you have a reputation of an expert, a guru, if your brand name is associated with high quality and positive experience, you gain a loyal following easier, you warm up your audience for sales and you increase user retention. Reputation on the internet is gained by putting a lot of thorough work into providing the best product, service or content continuously and by being recommended and referred to, by constantly being passed by word of mouth with a positive review. It is quite difficult to measure this kind of reputation, because it is subjective: there will always be those who like you and who don’t. 

But on the Internet, you actually can measure your reputation and there are even metrics for it. Your reputation directly reflects on how search engines treat your website and where they place you in search results. The better you score, the higher up you are in search results for particular queries. The great news is, this kind of reputation can be gained. It requires work and certain investment, but nowhere near as much as trying to work your way through a demanding audience. The payoff? A website that has a high reputation with Google and that pops up in the first pages of its SERP for many search requests in your niche will inevitably be looked at as reputable by your audience. So, what can be done to get there? Let’s take a closer look.

How does Google Measure your Reputation?

There are many things that factor in, such as your social media presence, quality and relevance of content, your domain authority. But there’s also such a thing as how often you get cited and referenced to from other sites. How diverse are these citation sources and how relevant is the content where they link back  to you, to your niche. Yes, backlinks from very famous influencers, mass media and web sites work fine, but if you are operating on a tight budget, there are only so many you can afford. It is more effective to build your reputation with Google using a diverse backlink profile, where you get linked by websites from varying corners of the Internet. It looks much more natural and also helps to raise your brand awareness.  For Google, a backlink is a digital endorsement, a sign that someone’s okaying what you’re doing. It’s much better if these signs come not only from a few sources that have an extremely high repute (and evidently take money for the service), but from a bigger number of websites with diversified domain authority.

Understanding Backlink Rental

Here’s a hot take on SEO: backlinks do not have to be permanent to be effective. In fact, rented backlinks, or backlinks placed somewhere for a limited time period that you can renew on a regular basis, give you more control over your backlink profile, allow for more flexibility and ultimately save your money, because you can give up quickly on any link that doesn’t work for you any longer.

  1. How do Rental Backlinks Work?

Basically, you make an agreement with a website to place your backlink in a piece of content for a set period of time: a month, a week, sometimes even a day. You pay only for the period of placement and renew the link if you wish to, for another period, as many times as it works for you. 

  1. Why use Rented Backlinks and not Permanent Ones?

Permanent backlinks work just fine, but the key to building a robust backlink profile is diversity. Rented backlinks provide you with an important advantage: they can be removed quickly and without investing in an expensive cleanup. Things shift very rapidly on the Internet so it happens often that backlinks that used to work before stop being effective. Even if they are perfectly legit backlinks and aren’t toxic, Google still doesn’t like a lot of zero-weight links in a website’s profile. Now, imagine you have a tool that removes ineffective links with a few mouse clicks. This is what rented backlinks provide.

  1. How are Rented Backlinks Cost-Effective?

Imagine carrying out an outreach campaign where your aim is to garner backlinks from prominent websites or influencers in your niche. Let’s imagine that a single backlink like this costs you $300. To obtain it, you need to go through a few rounds of back-and-forth negotiation, agree on the terms, and that’s just for a single source. As you can see, aside from huge prices for backlinks themselves, you will also invest time and effort in outreach and research for potential backlink placements. In Serpzilla, the pool of websites is huge and well-maintained, meaning that every single source site is valid and has transparent stats for their domain authority and reputation. And the best thing is, all of them have already agreed to place your link, so you don’t need to do outreach. With the same  budget of $300 you can get dozens of relevant backlinks in Serpzilla. Yes, perhaps none of them will single-handedly provide you the same amount of link juice as that sole $300 link, but combined they can actually outweigh that link by a few times. And in the end, for Google it’s that combined volume of legit and verified backlinks that matters more. 

  1. Quality vs Quantity in Backlinks

It is not a secret that Google now relies on the quality of backlinks much more than on the quantity.

But where does the quality of a backlink start? At Domain Rating of 90+? Very few websites have that rating and no doubt that a backlink from them can do copious amounts of good for your SEO. But this also means that your backlink is placed in Forbes Magazine or the like. What about a website with a DR of 65? This will still be a high quality link, but the cost of placing a backlink there will be lower by the score. What about a website with a DR of 50? Still a perfectly credible site, maybe with a localized audience or a niche content. Linking back from it is viewed favorably upon by google, but can cost you only a few dollars. As you can see, quality is the key, but volume also counts. 

5. How to Get Started with Rented Backlinks?

The process of introducing rented backlinks into your backlink profile is simple. You can use platforma like Serpzilla, where the backlink deployment process is automated. Serpzilla allows you to fine-tune your backlink configuration and select the best relevant sites in your niche, control your anchor texts and placement conditions with a lot of individual customization. You can manage your backlinks from a single dashboard and keep close tabs on how they are performing at any given moment of time. The backlinks remain active for the paid period of time. If you quit paying they are removed automatically after the last paid period expires.

6. Other Advantages of Rented Backlinks: Rapid Placement, Flexibility, Better Control

Using platforms like Serpzilla, you can save a tremendous amount of your SEO managers’ efforts on conducting research and outreach by working with our website database. The placement process is also automated so you don’t have to wait and monitor each particular contact for placement. With Serpzilla your link goes live at the moment you configure it. Another advantage is that you have full control of your anchor text and link presentation which is often not the case with influencers and high-DA websites who usually produce their own content. And since backlinks are rental, you can cancel payment at any time thus removing the backlink if you need to in a matter of seconds. Serpzilla also provides tools for monitoring and analysis so that you can see how your backlink profile is performing on the whole, which solutions work better, where to place your effort focus and which choices don’t work so well. You can always have a birds-eye view of your performance and act accordingly and swiftly.

Serpzilla’s Approach to Rental Backlinks

We at Serpzilla take the quality of your user experience very seriously and want you to achieve better SEO results with less effort and investment. We offer a solution that is easily scaled, cost-effective and works on gaining our users’ trust and their websites’ good reputation with the audiences and with search engines. 

Here are the key focal points of our work that allow Serpzilla to become a game changer in the SEO industry.

  1. Streamlined Process and Wide Reach

We want you to devote your valuable time to what cannot be automated in SEO: creativity. That is why we want to unload our users from any repetitive menial work. We have almost completely automated the outreach and link placement processes, allowing you to focus your efforts on the important things. 

  1. Highest Level of Customization and Quality Control

We not only offer an extensive source website database for your backlink placement, but also a highly configurable search and filter system that allows you to come up with a tailored list of websites of desired domain rating where your backlink will be most relevant. All of our source website get monitored and show current statistics for their domain rate, topical relevance and other metrics so that you can make a well-informed decision about your link placement.

  1. Cost-Effective Scaling

Rental backlinks with Serpzilla start at as low as $0.01 and you can try out different combinations of DR and backlink cost to figure out what works best for you in terms of budget optimization and getting the best value for your money. This approach helps us to accommodate link building campaigns of all scales with equal thoroughness and effectiveness. 

  1. Holistic Approach to SEO

We at Serpzilla view SEO as a complex system of interconnected activities, not unlike a living organism. That is why for us SEO is not just about backlinks, but addressing your SEO challenges as a wholesome system. By improving one thing you are also dealing with adjacent issues such as building your brand awareness, managing link juice, diversifying your backlink profile, making all your SEO activities white-hat.

Rethinking Domain Rating (DR) and Backlink Quality

DR, a metric developed by Ahrefs, is a trust indicator for websites, reflecting their likelihood to rank well in search engines. As we have established, domain rating is one of the key qualities of a backlink, but the connection between the DR of your backlink sources and your overall SERP performance is not exactly direct. In an ideal world, we all wish to have numerous backlinks from websites with high DR, but that is usually the case of unlimited budgets on high-quality content creation and placement. When you work with a limited budget, a healthy compromise between the backlink source DR and placement costs works just as effectively.

  1. How Source DR influences your Backlink Profile

Higher DR websites pass more link juice to you, but having only high-DR backlinks can actually be detrimental, as Google will view it as unnatural link building and may even penalize you.

  1. Balancing Websites with Varying DR in your Backlink Profile

A combination of websites with higher and lower DR in your backlink profile is considered by search engines as a more natural one, because if we look at purely organic backlinks, we will see that viral content is linked to equally by high-DR websites such as mass media and low-DR websites such as people’s personal pages, forum and blog posts. The ideal balance that will be viewed by Google as natural hovers around 70/30 to 60/40 ratio in favor of lower-DR backlinks. Observing these numbers is vital if you don’t want to trigger Google’s scrutiny.

  1. How to Keep Backlink Balance with Serpzilla

Serpzilla provides you all the monitoring and analysis tools to always have a clear picture of what is the ratio of high-DR and low-DR backlinks in your profile by allowing you to select link placement by DR and relevance and displaying the monitored data for your profile on its dashboard for each link building campaign.


Internet reputation is a complex idea which doesn’t only rely on high-profile mentions of your resource. It is also the ability of your site to score high in search results for queries that are frequent and relevant for your domain. Search engines also measure your website’s reputation and building your reputation with them takes a holistic approach, a diversified backlink profile, constant monitoring of your performance and swift reactions to changes. Serpzilla is the one platform that can help you build your search engine reputation and score better in SERP effectively and with only a little effort. 

  • Alex Sandro

    Senior product manager at SEO and linkbuilding expert. More than 10 years of work in the field of website search engine optimization, specialist in backlink promotion. Head of linkbuilding products at Serpzilla, a global linkbuilding platform. He regularly participates in SEO conferences and also hosts webinars dedicated to website optimization, working with various marketing tools, strategies and trends of backlink promotion.