Contextual Backlinks

Easy management outreach automation

Top-notch in-content backlinks

The link is organically placed inside content of the pre-existing page with keywords of yours

  • Monthly Payment
  • FROM 1 cent
  • PRE-existing page
  • Inside content
  • 5 minute publishing

Perfect for

  • 1

    Outreach automation

  • 3

    Projects with falling number of backlinks

  • 2

    Quick start of a new project

  • 4

    Limited budgets

Up to 20

of the budget
Experts allocate
for content backlinks

Cost and payment terms

Daily charge. The cost for the backlink displayed for whole month, however you account will be charged daily.

Serpzilla daily check if the backlink is still on it`s place. You pay only for the days when the backlink was on the website.

Type features

  • Automatic placement
    Content backlinks are, in fact, an automated outreach. This simplifies and cheapens the placement of such links.
  • No content writing required
    This makes it easier and cheaper to build a natural link environment.
  • Placement on existing pages
    That have already been aged, indexed and valued by Google.
Auto mode
by URL
New page
1 hour

The links will automatically appear in your project within an hour. Sometimes a webmaster moderates the links manually, it takes 1-7 days. If the webmaster does not place a link within a week, the application is automatically withdrawn.


Content backlinks are currently some of the hottest selling link types on the market. So there are often very few sites in the search results. Optimizers quickly buy up free space, and be the first to do it.

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