Link Building: Why Renting Backlinks is Better Than Buying?

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Link Building: Why Renting Backlinks is Better Than Buying?

1. What is a rental backlink

Rental backlinks are links that are placed on Referring Domains on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. They are usually bought along with permanent backlinks, which are essentially their opposite.

Rental backlinks are necessary for the effective development of the website’s backlink profile and its promotion through certain keywords. You can buy these links on link exchanges on the Internet or, for example, through special services such as Serpzilla. Backlinks will stay on websites as long as you pay for them. As soon as payment ceases to arrive, the backlinks are automatically deleted.

The rental backlink is deployed through a special code on the publisher’s website. This can be done both by the publisher themselves or by their developers. After that, if we talk about the Serpzilla service, the “advertiser”, meaning you, can just select the publisher’s website, press the button in your personal dashboard and the backlink will be published on the page automatically.

The price of backlink placement is usually quoted monthly, but as mentioned above, other options are also possible.

The rental backlink may be displayed on the website in different ways. It can be either a backlink in the sidebar block on the left or in the footer. But these are not the only types of backlinks that can be rented. You can also rent contextual or sitewide backlinks.

2. Advantages: why we love rental backlinks

  1. Affordable cost. The main upside is that for just $100 you can already build yourself a powerful, working backlink profile. For comparison, with outreach placement, you can buy only one guest post. For $100, our specialists can get you up to 200 backlinks from subdirectory pages of the Referring Domains, or up to 40 backlinks from the main pages, which will already have a tangible effect on your project’s growth. And that’s on average! The fact is that the number of backlinks (the minimum baseline) that can kickstart the positive effects of link building starts at about 30 to 50 backlinks. It will be quite expensive to reach such numbers through guest posts, which is why rental links are used as the main source of link juice in the backlink profile.
  2. High volume and speed of placement. As you can guess, posting backlinks takes time. So, even if we’re talking about placing just 30 links, this is going to be quite a labor intensive and time consuming endeavor. It might not be easy to make arrangements with all the publishers. It will take a lot of time, most likely days, and there’s no guarantee you will get a green light. Serpzilla, for comparison, can get thousands of efficient rental backlinks in just one hour. With Serpzilla, backlink placement is automated. Yes, some publishers do moderate backlinks before deploying them, which can take some time, but even in such conditions, our service can get disproportionately more backlinks in just a short period of time.
  3. Monitoring and control. All backlinks rented with Serpzilla are routinely verified for placement status. So, if the backlink is not present on the page, then its status changes to “error” and the money for it is no longer debited. So you, as a client, don’t have to worry about your money being wasted. And even if the backlink is simply not in its place, the payment will also not go through and you will not lose your funds.
  4. Easy backlink removal. Unlike backlinks that are placed manually (mostly outreach and guest posts), rental backlinks can be removed from the website in one click if they do not suit you. This allows you to flexibly manage your backlink profile and instantly make the necessary changes to it. It’s more than obvious that this is much easier than spending tons of time writing to hundreds of webmasters asking them to remove backlinks.
  5. All necessary backlink attributes. Rental backlinks carry the same attributes you want from traditional backlinks. You can place rental backlinks with parameters like NoFollow, DoFollow or Sponsored. This will allow you to build a backlink profile not only quickly, but also make it truly diverse.

3. Downsides and how Serpzilla negates them

  1. Payment volume. At the starting phase, granted you have a small budget, this is a great way to start, but later in the future, as the number of referring domains increases, the volume of rentals will also increase significantly. With it, the cost to efficiency ratio might go down. That’s why, once the budget starts growing, we eventually switch to regular, paid backlinks. At this point, the website is already highly ranked and will remain highly ranked due to developed behavioral factors, as paid backlinks gradually replace the rentals.
  2. Website quality. The quality of Referring Domains often leaves much to be desired, so it is vital to conduct their thorough analysis and choose only reliable websites. Otherwise, you risk losing the result, and, at the end of the day, your money.Right, but that’s more about how you should treat backlinks sources. It’s an open market and you better choose wisely. That’s why Serpzilla has developed its own domain ranking system within the platform, to provide our clients with the best backlink source.
  3. Backlinks overflow. If you buy a large number of rental backlinks at once, you are guaranteed to drive your website under search engine filters and get penalized. It is important to understand how things are with your backlink profile and correctly distribute the purchase, when using backlink exchanges or services.That one can be negated either. We would recommend analyzing competitors and developing a sound backlink strategy. And your main goal is to keep you backlink profile natural.
  4. Possible negative impact on ranking. If you often buy backlinks or discontinue your rent, search engines, again, may penalize your website. For example, you bought 1000 links, they were indexed, and a month later you stopped paying for them without replacing them with others. To avoid that, you must thoroughly plan your budget and backlink purchase process.

4. How to correctly use rental backlinks

Usually, if we consider the entire volume of backlinks in the profile, experts try to do their work in the frame of the following ratio:

  • 50-60% of volume for rental backlinks. With the help of those, you can perfectly build the bulk of your backlink profile.
  • 20-30% goes to outreach backlinks (gestposts, articles, etc.).
  • The rest goes to Web 2.0 backlinks (comments, forms, social media, etc.).

Anchor text should be surrounded by relevant text on both sides. This will greatly increase the overall relevance of the backlink. In practice, we noticed that even placing backlinks on irrelevant pages gave the desired effect, if the backlinks were placed in a relevant text environment.

In this rental format, you can buy links not only from the main pages. So you should choose the required level of nesting when renting. The strategy of renting backlinks on the main pages is dictated by one important factor: link juice. Main pages usually have a hefty backlink profile, there is already good link juice and the backlink that we place on such a page will be able to transfer more link mass to your website. Therefore, you will be able to achieve the desired results faster and get more profit.

However, you can also choose traffic-rich pages to place rental backlinks. This method will also work. Due to this, you can receive, among other things, direct transitions to your site, which can then be converted into customers.

One of the things you can do is rent contextual backlinks. That way you can get a sort of automated outreach effect. You look for relevant pages by keywords, find what you need and rent a backlink in the relevant text on the publisher’s page.

On our platform, we can have and pay only for those backlinks that are indexed. Usually, link builders do the following: they buy backlinks, wait for a while, then check them for indexing, and based on the results, they remove unnecessary backlinks and buy more, if necessary. Thus, the client pays only for those backlinks that are indexed. We may not achieve such an effect, when working with guest posts or outreach, or manual placement of rentals. It may turn out that the backlinks are not indexed at all, but you have already spent a lot of money.

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