How to Make an SEO Report

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How to Make an SEO Report

Creating an SEO report for a client is a process that requires careful analysis and presentation of data in a way that is understandable and valuable to the client. Here are the steps to help an SEO specialist write an effective SEO report:

Defining the objectives of the report

Understanding the client’s goals: Determine what the client is trying to achieve with SEO (e.g. increase traffic, increase conversions, improve keyword visibility).

Selecting key performance indicators. Depending on your goals, select the key performance indicators (KPIs) to track (e.g. keyword rankings, organic traffic, conversion rates).

Organic Search from GA4

Data collection and analysis

Using Tools: Use tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs to collect data on traffic, keyword ranking, backlink profile, etc.

keyword ranking from ahrefs

Analysis of changes. Study how key indicators changed during the reporting period and identify possible reasons for these changes.

Strategy assessment

Content review: Evaluate how the content on the site aligns with the client’s SEO strategy and goals. Give recommendations for optimization.

Competitor Analysis: Compare the performance of the client’s website with that of key competitors to identify opportunities for improvement.

Backlinks and off-page optimization

Backlink Profile Analysis: Provide backlink analysis, including new and lost links, as well as recommendations for improving your link profile.

Backlink Profile from Ahrefs

Conclusions and recommendations

Key Findings: Summarize the key findings of the report, highlighting successes and areas for improvement.

Action Plan: Propose specific steps and strategies to solve identified problems and further develop the site.

Presentation of the report

Clear presentation: Make sure the report is easy to read and understand by the client.

Data Visualization: Use graphs, tables, and charts to visualize data and trends.

Discussion with client: Present the report to the client, discuss key findings and answer questions.

Additional Tips

Regularity: Provide regular SEO reports (e.g. monthly) to track progress and make adjustments to strategy.

Personalization: Tailor your report to each client’s characteristics and preferences, highlighting the aspects that matter most to their business.

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