Other Types of Backlinks

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Other Types of Backlinks

Contextual Links

These are links placed within thematic surrounding text. If you find a competitor’s link in an article and want to place your own on the same resource, the first thing to do is to check if the site is listed on article exchanges, like Serpzilla. Add the sites of interest to your project’s whitelist and perform a search to see the cost. An alternative is to find the email or other contacts, reach out to the platform’s representatives, and inquire about the cost of publishing an article. The platform usually sends a price list in response.

Links from Exhibitions and Events

If you participated in an event or exhibition, arrange for a link to your website to be included in the list of partners. The advantage is that such resources are quite significant and trustworthy.

Links in Presentations and PDF Files

PDF files are well indexed by Google and other search engines , so if you have educational materials or instructions, add links to your official website. This is especially important if instructions are often posted on other resources for people to quickly find and download. The same applies to presentations.

Outreach Links

Or Links on Partner or Supplier Sites For example, if you have a construction equipment store that sells products from different brands, you can arrange to have a link from the local brand’s website to your resource as a point of sale.

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