How to Optimize Title Tag and Metadata for SEO

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How to Optimize Title Tag and Metadata for SEO

For site promotion, keywords are included in:

  • title — the page title visible to the user in search results. Keywords need to be inserted so that the title is attractive to the user (who should notice it when viewing the results and click through to the site) and simultaneously carry significant weight for the search engine. Therefore, the title is written concisely, with keywords placed closer to the beginning.
  • description — the page description. It is also visible in search results. Therefore, formulate the description to be appealing both to the user and to the search engine. Sometimes, however, the search engine arbitrarily selects text from the page for the description instead of showing the meta tag content.

Simple Tags and Listings 

What keywords and in what quantity to include in meta tags and tags is determined based on top-ranking competitor sites. A text analyzer tool provides comprehensive recommendations for incorporating keywords into the page text, tags, and meta tags.

Simple tags are also important for promotion:

  • h1, h2, and other headings on the page;
  • anchor — text to which links to other pages are attached.


If recommendations suggest something like: “Add the phrase ‘washing machine’ 25 times to anchors,” it means the competitors in the search results for this query have listing pages. Listings are product catalog pages. For example, an online store’s “Washing Machines” page contains a list of models with brief characteristics, prices, and links to individual product pages. In this case, consider whether it’s worthwhile to promote the page with such keywords or to create a similar catalog page.

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