The stability of your website’s functioning determines how high it will be ranked by search engines.

Factors evaluated by Google:

  • Server Errors: The presence of such errors leads to a decrease in positions. Ensure that there are no 404 errors on the pages and do not abuse 301 redirects. If there is more than one redirect per page, it will also negatively affect ranking.
  • Secure Connection: Sites with an active SSL certificate and secure HTTPS connection are ranked better.
  • Loading Speed: If pages hang during loading, it leads to user outflow and ranking deterioration.
  • Mobile Optimization: If the site is not displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets, don’t even think about getting into the top search results.

In other respects, Google and other search engines requirements for technical optimization are practically identical.

SEO Promotion Recommendations for Google

  • Use other search engines Publisher to check response codes so that each page either returns code 200 or a single code 301.
  • Remember, a secure connection today is a necessity, not a luxury.
  • Use Screaming Frog to find pages that are not linked to others and integrate them into the overall structure.
  • Pay special attention to mobile optimization. Manually check how your site displays on smartphones of various models. Google places emphasis on mobile-friendliness and even marks pages with a special “Your page is not mobile-friendly” tag.
  • Test how friendly your site is to search engine algorithms. Ensure pages load quickly by optimizing content. You may need to remove certain elements to achieve optimal performance.
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