A couple of weeks ago, Serpzilla organized a meetup of the brightest minds in SEO in Ahmedabad – the SEO capital of India.

This event had been planned since the start of this year. Most of you must have received emails and seen the news on your social media timelines. In the rare event that you didn’t, you should follow Serpzilla on Twitter and LinkedIn right away!

The event was scheduled from 6 PM onwards on a Friday evening… so the 75+ strong audience was enthusiastic about beginning their weekend by meeting their peers and friends from the industry.

Jaydip Parikh, our old friend, started off the proceedings by asking the everyone to introduce themselves.

Spotted among the crowd were some of our most valued community members, including

Our expert contributor Jignesh Gohel:

Then there was our superstar friend Rohan Ayyar (you just can’t keep him away from the stage):

And of course yours truly Dipti Parmar, religiously covering the proceedings and sharing on our socials:

And then it was time for the presentations…

Jaydip Parikh: How to Use AI for SEO

Jaydip (Baba as he is known) went first. The hot topic in SEO is generative AI and there was no way we can ignore this. Jaydip addressed this topic with his usual pizzazz and some very simple but interesting examples.

The key points he made were:

  • ChatGPT has become SEOs’ new best friend. It can do keyword research, content optimization and create structured data for you.
  • Learning how to craft the right prompt is everything. If you can do that consistently, you can leverage the full power of generative AI.
  • Many SEOs are bad at email communication but that problem is solved by AI language models. ChatGPT can help you scale as well as improve the effectiveness of your outreach manifold.

Here’s Jaydip’s slide deck:

You can find him on Twitter @jaydipparikh

Company website: Tej SolPro

Boni Satani: Mastering Link Building

Boni is one of our favorite marketers because he understands link building and technical SEO like no other. We still don’t know how he managed to clump in strategies that both beginner and advanced SEOs can use into one presentation, but he did it.

The key points he made were:

  • Understanding and matching search intent with your keyword/page combination is paramount. If your content doesn’t match the keyword you’re targeting, no amount of great links can help you.
  • Backlink gap analysis is the process of identifying the number of links you need to need to outrank your competitors. Boni shared how his team does it with real-world examples and spreadsheets.
  • Link placement is tough if you don’t have the tools to do it well. A combination of Serpzilla links and manual outreach will help you crack it.

Here’s Boni’s slide deck:

You can find him on Twitter @bonisatani

Company website: Zestard Technologies

Himani Kankaria: Unlocking Irresistible Topics That Guest Bloggers Can’t Resist

The ebullient Himani Kankaria was at her passionate best while revealing what guest bloggers, publishers and editors really want (and how to give it to them). Each of her 100 plus slides was packed with practical information on building the most difficult kind of links – guest posts.

The key points she made were:

  • Guest posting beats every other link building tactic – including PR and PBNs – when it comes to effectiveness.
  • The guest blogger, the editor and the publisher are the three key players in the whole process. When all of their goals are satisfied, the process of guest posting becomes smooth and fast.
  • Conducting topic gap analysis and building up the EEAT of your profile will help you land more guest blogging opportunities with major publications.

Here’s Himani’s slide deck:

You can find her on Twitter @himani_kankaria

Company website: Missive Digital

Sergey Pankov: Link Building 2.0

Our CEO Sergey Pankov was on a whirlwind tour of India and it’s no secret that Ahmedabad is where he feels most at home. Sergey outlined an in-depth and precise strategy for link building, including real-world case studies, practical templates and advanced tactics.

The key points he made were:

  • Google’s search algorithm is built on the back of PageRank, which is a link scoring system. Therefore, links will always remain important for getting good rankings.
  • The number and type of links you get should closely match those of your competition, so that you have what Google calls a “natural” backlink profile.
  • Buying backlinks intelligently can give your site a visibility boost in as little as one-to-three months. The amount of traffic you get will be directly proportional to the number of keywords you rank well for.

Here’s Sergey’s slide deck:

You can find him on LinkedIn

And you are actually on his company website now 🙂

More SEO Meetups and Webinars on the Way

The best thing about this meetup was that everyone in the audience chimed in enthusiastically – whether to ask a question or to voice an opinion. It made the event one of the most engaging of all time.

We can’t resist a single opportunity to connect with our community. Watch this space for a recap of our Bangalore event which took place last week!

  • Dipti Parmar

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