SEO Challenge 2022. Task 5: “Share Your Story – the end of the competition”

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SEO Challenge 2022. Task 5: “Share Your Story – the end of the competition”

Deadline: 08.12.2022

Time to see how far you’ve come with your project and share your progress.

We expect a story from you, which should include:

  1. Project goals and description. Name the project, indicate its website, interesting aspects of the field of the project, project goals and current results. Attach screenshots from analytics.
  2. Strategy and its implementation. Indicate the stages of progress on the way to the goal, what you did and why. Describe in detail the work with links, what methods were used and why.
  3. Results. Describe what results were achieved, what worked best. Attach screenshots from analytics.
  • only your cases with your projects, which participated in the SEO Competition 2022 are accepted
  • old irrelevant projects won’t be accepted
  • the narrative structure described above must be followed

You can write your story using the following Google form.

There are no requirements for the length of the text, and no stylistic requirements.

You can post your story on any social network to receive bonus points.

If there are several projects, completing the task for only one is enough.

Reward: 7000 points.
Bonus points: mention the SEO Challenge in a post with your story on social media and receive extra 500 points.
Verification: Send a screenshot with the result in the participant’s profile (you need to click on the 5th rectangle in the task line).

We’ll publish the most interesting cases at Serpzilla and relevant major media resources with a link to you.

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