SEO Challenge 2022. 5: Feedback

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SEO Challenge 2022. 5: Feedback

Deadline: 08.12.2022

Broadcast six is in the books and it’s once again time to get down to extra tasks and gain some extra points! In case you’ve missed the broadcast, before going through the tasklist, you can see the presentations here or watch the recording of the event here.

Reminder: all tasks presented in this email are not mandatory for completion, but extra points might make it or break it when it comes to the chance to separate yourself from competition.

The competition is drawing to a close and a group of leaders appears on the horizon. Who will be the one, when the final points are calculated and the experts choose the best case.

While the preparatory work for the very last live broadcast is underway, it’s time for you to tell us how it was. Leave a detailed and honest review in your social media about Serpzilla and the SEO Competition 2022.

Reward: 1000 points.
Verification: Send a screenshot with the result in the participant’s profile (you need to click on the 6th rectangle in the task line)

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