Our first broadcast is over!

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Our first broadcast is over!

On October 14, we moderated a webinar by Ravi Soni –  Co- Founder of Obbserv & O+ve and Rob Peck –  Director of Client services of O3M.  The subject of the opening broadcast was: “How to get guaranteed quality backlinks?” 

And here The International SEO Challenge starts!

The webinar was designed for the International SEO Challenge attendees:

– SEO experts with a growth mindset

– Digital marketing consultants


To get you first task please follow the link.

If you still did not register: https://clck.ru/32M3KY

Attending our challenge you will get: 

  • expert`s support to boost your project;
  • community experience exchange;
  • chance to get money prize (3000 euro prize pool);
  • best cases and their authors will be published in major related media next to SEO top experts and industry influencers. 

Our TOP experts: Himani Kankaria, Craig Campbell, Sandeep Mallya, Rob Peck, Ravi Soni, Jaydip Parikh , Sourabh RanaBoni Satani

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What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?
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