How Web Hosting and Domain Factors Can Affect SEO Ranking

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How Web Hosting and Domain Factors Can Affect SEO Ranking

These factors protect users from suspicious and malicious sites and various malicious actions.

Factors valued by Google

  • Domain Age: Time elapsed from the first indexing to the present. Older domains rank better.
  • Domain History: It’s important that the domain didn’t have reputation problems in the past, wasn’t under sanctions, and wasn’t used for doorways.
  • Domain Name: Including a brand or thematic keyword in the domain name can help the site rank better.
  • Domain Zone: The presence of a national top-level domain can positively affect site positions in search results. For each country, using a local top-level domain can positively affect site positions in local search results. For instance, for the United Kingdom or .ca for Canada.
  • Average Position: If you only promote some queries and ignore others, it can lower the average position and negatively affect ranking.

Recommendations for Promotion in Google Top

  • Regional factors: Consider the location of your business and choose the corresponding domain zone. Also, mention regional keywords on your site pages and set up relevant settings in Google My Business.
  • SSL certificate: Install an SSL certificate on your site to ensure user security and increase search engines’ trust.
  • Website security: Ensure a high level of website security to protect it from hacking and malicious attacks. Specifically, it is recommended to install antivirus and anti-hacking software, regularly update CMS and plugins, and conduct security audits.
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