How to Increase Traffic from Zero to 30,000 Monthly Visitors in Six Months with Backlinks

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How to Increase Traffic from Zero to 30,000 Monthly Visitors in Six Months with Backlinks

About the project

Calculator.iO is a comprehensive calculation platform featuring a wide array of calculators for everything from calorie counting and mortgage calculations to financial reporting for businesses.

The website offers 126 calculators for precise computations, including tools for calculating days until a birthday, auto loans, and a random number generator for lottery.

The Goal

The client aimed to attract traffic to the website, with plans to introduce a paid subscription model. 

Being a multilingual platform, the focus was on Google promotion in four languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. The project was led by Egor Ivanov, a renowned SEO specialist and winner of the annual Sape battle.

What Was Done

Site Audit:

Before everything Egor has conducted a detailed audit to identify issues. Collaborated with Calculator.iO’s developer to create and implement a corrective action plan.

  1. Implementation of hreflang Tags:
    Addressed incorrect language version detection in Google Search Console by integrating hreflang tags for appropriate regional ranking.
  2. Manual Indexing Check of Pages:
    Identified unindexed pages and manually verified them through the Search Console API and Google Search Console. This process is now repeated monthly.
  3. Rewriting the XML Sitemap:
    The sitemap was restructured to meet Google’s standards, ensuring all site pages were included and new pages were indexed promptly.
  4. Optimizing robots.txt:
    Included directives to optimize the site’s indexing process.
  5. Fixing HTTPS Page Opening Errors:
    Resolved issues reported in Google Webmaster regarding page openings without HTTPS.

Integrating micromarking

Implemented micromarking to enhance search snippets, thereby increasing site appeal to users. Improved breadcrumb navigation and added corresponding micromarking.

“Breadcrumbs” help users understand which section of the website they are currently in.

Backlink Strategy

Developed a backlink strategy focused initially on creating a natural backlink profile, since it’s the main criteria for a success.

In the first month, the focus was on creating a natural backlink profile. Contextual, article, and social backlinks were purchased. Crowd-sourced backlinks from various contractors were also placed.

Some donor pages were manually indexed to accelerate the effect of the purchased backlinks.

Subsequently, the emphasis shifted solely to article backlinks. Guest posts were published in four languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. To enhance their effectiveness, these guest posts were bolstered with backlinks from main pages. They were selected to match the required language and utilized Sape’s auto-thematic functionality.

The cost of the purchased backlinks varied from $1 to $300.

In total, the following backlinks were acquired:

The results in six months

For the project, a significant amount of technical work is planned, and backlink promotion continues, meaning there is still potential for growth.

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