How to Check and Accelerate Google Indexing?

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How to Check and Accelerate Google Indexing?

Checking Indexing

Google offers user-friendly tools for indexing checks: Google Search Console (GSC) and others. They are free and come with easy-to-follow usage guides.

“Coverage.” section in Google’s Search Console reflects the main data on indexing and detected errors.

Timelines and Speed of Site Indexing

Indexing takes time. Depending on the number of pages on the site, the frequency of content updates, and other factors, a robot may crawl the site several times a day or once in several weeks.

Consider indexing timelines when promoting your site independently. Results will only appear after 2-3 months, which is normal.

If any pages or the entire site are not indexed in Google, you can submit a request through GSC. Enter the URL in the console search bar and click “Request indexing.” It’s recommended to do this immediately after uploading new content or creating a new page.

How to Speed up Google Indexing

Ideally, indexing should occur automatically at regular intervals. To ensure this, you should:

  • Inform the search engine that the site exists;
  • Monitor the indexing situation of the resource;
  • Check the site for technical errors and correct them in a timely manner;
  • Monitor content quality;
  • Create a dynamic (Last-Modified) Sitemap.xml in the root directory and indicate through GSC where it is located;
  • Expand the site’s backlink profile with quality resources.

Using Google Indexing API can ease the site owner’s work. This tool allows you to send notifications to search engines about changes on the site for free, thus initiating the indexing process. Conducting it through the site map will take more time than via API, but the process will be more thorough and accurate.

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