How to Automate Link Building?

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How to Automate Link Building?

Link building is a critical SEO aspect. It offers several benefits not just for the website performance, but also for enhancing the user experience. 

Think of a scientific writeup published on a website like Royal Society B that talks about the evolution of bioluminescence.  

This same article was cited in Cosmos Magazine and Gizmodo respectively. With other websites linking to their article, search engines will start considering Royal Society B’s original post as a trustworthy source of information. It will gain relevance and rise up in the SERPs for relevant keywords. This will help the research become more discoverable and therefore, enhance the authority of the website. 

While these are the SEO benefits, the same article will lead to more users coming to the site for delving deeper. Because the original post will have a detailed perspective, it will also increase user engagement. Over time, with more such backlinks from high domain authority websites, the site will gain credibility and trust.

Even with all these benefits, link building is a full-time job that requires much thought and deliberation. This is where automated link building enters the game.

What is Automated Link Building?

Automated link building is reducing manual link building efforts via various tools, software and platforms. With minimal manual intervention, it accelerates the process of traditional link building methods. For instance, the time spent to find relevant link sources, reaching out to editors of websites, following up, and tracking the backlink placement and effectiveness are all automated. This frees up webmasters and SEO professionals to focus on other core activities.

Why Do You Need Automated Link Building

Let’s look at some statistics:

Automated link building takes all the manual labor out and yields faster results. It works like a smart assistant to find all the relevant websites where your website and all the subsequent steps to earn quality backlinks and monitor them. 

What Are The Advantages Of Automated Link Building?

As mentioned above, using automation for your link building processes will lead to several advantages. It is these benefits of automated link building, which makes it a must-have for digital marketers and SEO professionals. Here are the advantages in a nutshell:

  • Distinguishes between the link tiers – The main aim of automated link building is to generate tiered links. But mainly, the focus is to generate Tier 1 links or the direct backlinks from various websites to a website. On the other hand, there are some strategies, where Tier 2 links are also required – here the automation tools can aid in enhancing the page authorities that link to the website. In both cases, the result is elevated SEO performance. 
  • Helps you spend more time on strategy – The next advantage of automated link building is that it takes care of most of the daily tasks for SEO professionals. This leaves them with more time to work on the content strategy and execution. Additionally, they’ll get more time to analyze the performance of their link building efforts.
  • Helps scale up – Manual link building can create a bottleneck as your SEO needs and website continue to grow. Automation breaks this barrier by helping you target a larger volume of backlinks without a proportional increase in manpower. 
  • Consistent efforts – Consistent link building is key to long-term SEO success. Automated link building, however, provides a steady flow of backlink opportunities without you having to worry about resource crunch. This consistency helps in having a stable rise in website traffic.

Overall, an automated link building approach helps improve speed, scalability, and effectiveness of building any website’s backlink profile.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Automated Link Building

There is no denying the fact that advantages of automated link building outweigh the cons. But it is always a good idea to be in the know about the potential roadblocks.

  • Search engine crackdown – If not done properly, auto-built backlinks can go to spam sites. This may result in search engine penalties leading to all your efforts going to waste. Your rankings will take a hit and your website may get delisted.  
  • Quantity vs quality – Higher number of backlinks needn’t always mean your efforts double in less time. Always aim for quality over quantity for better results.  
  • Human expertise is needed – It’s not a good idea to completely let automation take over. Make it a point to hire someone or personally scrutinize all the link building activities carried out by the tools.

Smart Implementation of Automated Link Building

To navigate the challenges and to implement automated link building successfully, here is a quick roadmap:

  • Lead the efforts with human expertise: Automation should used by SEO professionals for mainly finding prospects and initial outreach. The next steps are to be taken by humans and their discretion. 
  • Keeping it in control: Be the boss of your automation instead of being a slave to it. Regularly review the links and see if it fits your objectives or not.You can set some time aside each day to check the quality of the links generated.
  • Choosing the right tools at the right time: Use link building tools such as Serpzilla that can sniff out high-quality link prospects. The tools do this based on many factors including the domain and page authority, plus the website relevance. A good idea is to compare and contrast between different tools and then take the informed decision. 
  • Keep an eye on data: While choosing tools, opt for platforms with robust monitoring that lets you track link performance and adjust your strategy as needed. 

The Future of Automated Link Building Strategies

As SEO continues to evolve, you should also match the steps and proceed with learning and adapting the nuances of automation technology, which is only going to get more advanced with time. 

The automated link building processes need to compliment your SEO campaigns to drive maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, you need to understand how to integrate the latest features and tech in it to drive value for all the SEO strategies. 

Like AI, remember that automation is supposed to augment and not replace manual SEO practices. All these will help you achieve long-term gains.

  • Sergey Pankov

    Sergey is a seasoned SEO expert with 20+ years of experience, global link building opinion leader, he is a regular speaker at various SEO conferences and webinars dedicated to website optimization. As a CEO at, Sergey is responsible for strategic & operational management of business areas, business scaling, building first-class customer service, innovation & technology management, hiring & management of teams of talents. Sergey's Linkedin
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