Will December 2022 link spam update affect Serpzilla?

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Will December 2022 link spam update affect Serpzilla?

Many SEO-specialists are puzzled and even alarmed by Google December 2022 link spam update, announced on December 14. Officially, it aims to improve search and fight spammy backlinks with the help of the new SpamBrain algorithm. Of course, anyone who promotes the websites via link building is interested in how this will affect their projects. The Serpzilla team answers the basic questions related to this update and explains whether there are reasons to worry.

How will the update affect Serpzilla?

No way. More precisely, it will have a positive effect. The statistics of our link service do not show any drop in demand after the launch of the Google December update – on the contrary, there is an increased interest in backlinking and purchasing links from a proven source. We continue to monitor changes, analyze them and inform users. The main task of Serpzilla is to provide the advertiser with a high-quality tool for link building. We offer opportunities to search and purchase the best quality backlinks.

Our experts have done a lot of research and saw the high importance of backlink quality. Chasing the quantity instead of quality is a risky practice that can create many difficulties for your project. Google has now taken additional steps to motivate advertisers to abandon questionable promotion methods.

Who’s gonna be affected by the upgrade?

First of all, the update will affect those who use PBN websites and specialized software similar to GSA Search Ranker. With the new SpamBrain algorithm, adding millions of backlinks from hacked or junk websites becomes even more risky and unprofitable in the long run.

What is the main task of the update?

The new algorithm is designed to clear link building from Black hat SEO – techniques that encourage spam and similar manipulations. Due to the active use of machine learning, SpamBrain will thoroughly analyze websites for reference spam, discovering the cases of mass purchase links. Search engine refines its mechanisms to combat them and encourages SEO specialists to put quality links and create natural reference profiles. We share views with Google and endorse similar initiatives.

What do we do for link building development?

We are systematically improving the service and the level of the websites themselves to ensure that the links are relevant: for example, we have launched «Smart Topic» to provide thematic pages and have added the ability to filter websites with more than 40 parameters.


In general, we believe that December 2022 link spam update, like its predecessor last year, will not cause any global consequences. However, through such measures, the link building market will be largely cleared of questionable and inferior service providers. This upgrade should not negatively affect advertisers who use legal and proven promotion methods.

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