Hello, fellow SEO specialists! A question that often arises in our work is: what should be the length of the perfect SEO title? 

Let’s talk straightforwardly and to the point, without unnecessary fluff and bureaucratese, to once and for all understand this issue.

Brevity is the Soul of Wit

Google and other search engines have specific preferences for the length of titles. The standard guideline suggests that the optimal length for an SEO title is about 50-60 characters. Why so? It’s all about display. 

Titles exceeding this range risk being truncated in search results, which can make them less appealing to potential customers.

A Real-life Example

Suppose you have an article titled “Best Digital Marketing Strategies in 2024 for Beginning Entrepreneurs.” In this case, your title might be truncated to “Best Digital Marketing Strategies in 2024…”, losing crucial information about the target audience. Adapting the title to “Top Digital Marketing Strategies 2024 for Newbies” keeps essential keywords and fits within the recommended length.

Keywords at the Beginning

Besides length, it’s important to remember the placement of keywords. Aim to position your keywords closer to the beginning of the title to amplify the SEO effect and ensure that your main message is conveyed even if the title is truncated.

Flexibility and Testing

SEO is not just about following rules but also about the ability to adapt. Different niches may require a different approach to title length. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use A/B testing to determine which title length works best for your audience.

In Conclusion

The ideal length of an SEO title is a mix of conciseness, strategic placement of keywords, and understanding your target audience. 

By following these simple rules and not forgetting about constant testing, you can create titles that not only capture attention but also contribute to improving the visibility of your content in search engines. Good luck creating the perfect SEO titles!

  • Sergey Pankov

    Sergey is a seasoned SEO expert with 20+ years of experience, global link building opinion leader, he is a regular speaker at various SEO conferences and webinars dedicated to website optimization. As a CEO at Serpzilla.com, Sergey is responsible for strategic & operational management of business areas, business scaling, building first-class customer service, innovation & technology management, hiring & management of teams of talents. Sergey's Linkedin