Results of International SEO Challenge 2022

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Results of International SEO Challenge 2022

One of the main SEO events of this year has come to an end. It was the worldwide contest of SEO specialists. International SEO Challenge 2022 was organized by the team of Serpzilla – an international link building platform. For nine weeks straight our participants competed to become the ultimate winner and grab a hold of the grand prize in the $3,000 prize pool. They demonstrated their best skills and strategies in the field of search engine promotion.

Experts from all over the world promoted about 50 projects in Google using the full arsenal of SEO tools: technical optimization, content management and link building. Recognized SEO experts – Ravi Soni (O Positive), Rob Peck (O3M), Sandeep Mallya (Startup Cafe Digital, 99signals), Sourabh Rana (ADDA247), Craig Campbell, Boni Santani (Zestard Technologies), Himani Kankaria (Missive Digital), Jaydip Parikh (Tej SolPro), Pranav Jha (AP Web World) — dissected projects of our participants and provided them with practical advice as part of our live broadcasts. Over 1,000 viewers along with the leaderwell opinions and contestants discussed advanced trends and methods of search engine optimization online.

Time to declare the winners

Each presented SEO project was interesting and original, all participants actively completed extra tasks. They recruited positions and fought hard to get the coveted winning points and bring their websites to the top of the SERP. It’s time we announce the names of the winners.

The winners in the «Commercial projects» category:

  • 3rd place ($100) — Arzan Dumasia and his consulting project with 39,525 points;
  • 2nd place ($500) — Aditya with a legal services project with 40,675 points;
  • 1st place ($1,000) — Egor Ivanov and his project in the paints and coating materials niche with a grand total of 41,090 points.

The winners in the «Information projects» category:

  • 3rd place ($100) — Anindya Nathand and his marketing project with 22,890 points;
  • 2nd place ($300) — Chandraprabhudev K. with the blocker app project scored 24,120 points;
  • 1st place ($700) — Amit Mozar and his game news project scored 34,500 points.

A bonus prize of $300 in a special «Best case» nomination went to Mohammed Nabeel Qureshi for the Sports & Fitness commercial project.

International SEO Challenge 2022 has become an excellent opportunity for a wide range of SEOs to compete with colleagues, show their skills and gain new invaluable experience. Our team congratulates the winners and is grateful to all the participants! We are happily waiting for SEO specialists from all over the world to join us in our future competitions!

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