An SEO agency gets 1 Million organic traffic daily and 23,000 keywords in TOP100 for the client within ONE MONTH

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An SEO agency gets 1 Million organic traffic daily and 23,000 keywords in TOP100 for the client within ONE MONTH

Also 23,000 keywords in TOP100 for the client in the same period of time.

backlinks at average cost of 2,5 $ purchased within one month
keywords in TOP100 as a result
1 million
organic traffic daily on the website post one month

Business challenge

The owner of the sports streaming platform (name and details are kept confidential as per the signed NDA) had a goal of boosting the traffic on his website in order to convert it into an affiliate marketing platform. The growth of the website with the traditional SEO methods hasn’t been giving desired results for more than a year. The client had a budget to spend, but very limited time for an execution.

As there are thousands of keywords to work with, the challenge was to limit the focus to the most important keywords – those for which the competition was driving the greatest amount of traffic.


The agency took a decision to move away from a traditional SEO strategy of a gradual, consistent link building process and used Serpzilla platform to create a truly jugaad out-of-the-box case.

Only 13 keywords were chosen for promotion.

These are the parameters that were taken into account while placing the links:

Average MOZ DA= 23

The main focus was placed on the quantity of links, Instead of hunting for rare  extra quality resources with DR/DA more than 60. Eventually, we allocated the available budget and bought more links with the average ranking that cost essentially cheaper than the overrated analogies with higher DR/DA.

Almost all links were purchased from home pages

This seems to be an impossible task, if we talk about the traditional geoposting method used by most of SEO experts all over the world, due to the fact that home pages are not available for link posting in most of cases. But this became a reality with the help of Serpzilla. 

Usually, SEO experts take into account the DR/DA of the entire web-site, and not the particular pages, even though it’s a know fact that every page has its own link weight. In fact, the home page of the web-site with DR 20 gets much more relevance and link weight, than the page, which is 3-4 click away from the home page with DR 60 (which everyone is so eagerly hunting for, but rarely getting).

Topic and website region were completely ignored

This success case shows clearly that it is much more crucial to focus on the link weight of the website, rather than its region, language and even the topic.

Average price of one backlink – 2,5 $ a month

Such low cost per month allows to grow the external surrounding with the maximum speed. 

If you spend a standard amount of 100$, you can get up to 40 backlinks with a good strength within the first month!

In case of Ngo Duy, he managed to place thousands of backlinks with the help of Serpzilla and achieve incredible results in just one month!


1 million of organic traffic daily achieved within 1 month after purchasing 7,000 backlinks with the help of an automated algorithm of Serpzilla.

keywords ranked in TOP 3
keywords ranked in TOP 4-10
keywords ranked in the range post TOP 11

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