Linkable Assets

“Linkable Assets” in SEO and link building refer to any piece of content or feature on a website that is valuable enough that other websites, bloggers, or social media users want to link to it. 

The Importance of Linkable Assets for Google

In the realm of SEO, linkable assets are invaluable. They are the content pieces or resources on your website that naturally attract backlinks from other websites. These assets are not just valuable for user engagement but are crucial for enhancing your site’s authority and ranking in Google’s eyes.

  • Natural Link Building: Google favors natural link growth as a sign of content’s value and relevance. Linkable assets attract these organic links and are therefore highly regarded in Google’s algorithm.
  • Enhancing Authority: Each quality backlink serves as a vote of confidence in your content, incrementally boosting your domain authority and credibility.
  • Diversifying Traffic Sources: Well-crafted linkable assets can capture attention from various platforms, leading to a diversified traffic portfolio, which Google sees as a sign of a healthy, valuable website.

Best Practices for Creating and Leveraging Linkable Assets

To truly benefit from linkable assets, consider these best practices:

  • Understand Your Audience: Know what appeals to your target audience. Your linkable assets should resonate with their interests, needs, or pain points.
  • Focus on Quality and Uniqueness: The internet is saturated with content. Your assets should stand out by being not only high in quality but also unique in the value they provide.
  • Utilize Various Formats: Linkable assets can be blogs, infographics, videos, tools, or original research. Diversifying the formats can appeal to different segments and link sources.
  • Promote Your Content: Creating the asset is just the first step. Actively promote your content through social media, email marketing, or direct outreach to potential linkers.
  • Update Regularly: The relevancy of content can decay over time. Keep your assets updated to ensure they continue to attract links.
  • Encourage Sharing: Make it easy for users to share your content by including share buttons and calls-to-action.
  • Monitor Backlinks: Use SEO tools to track the backlinks your assets are generating. Understand what’s working and replicate that success in future assets.
  • Integration with Overall Strategy: Linkable assets should fit naturally within your broader content and SEO strategy. They should reinforce your brand message and contribute to your SEO goals.


In conclusion, linkable assets are a cornerstone of a robust SEO strategy. They provide a natural way to boost your site’s authority, improve rankings, and attract a broader audience. By investing in quality, relevant, and unique content and promoting it effectively, you can create assets that continue to pay dividends in the form of backlinks, authority, and traffic. Remember, the world of SEO is constantly evolving, but the value of good content that others want to link to remains constant. By focusing on creating and leveraging linkable assets, you’re investing in the long-term success and visibility of your website.

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