What to Expect from Upcoming SEO Challenge 2022 on Serpzilla

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What to Expect from Upcoming SEO Challenge 2022 on Serpzilla

The Challenge is going to take place from October 10th to December 15th and the prize pool will be $3000. Top SEO experts will analyze projects on live streams and best cases will be published in major media.

The International SEO Challenge is going to take place pretty soon. Serpzilla is ready to host its contestants and choose the best. All the awards are ready and waiting for their rightful owners.

Ahead of the contest, let’s take a quick look at what is the drill to become the best SEO expert in Serpzilla’s challenge and dissect its rules.


Who can apply?

Seo-experts, freelancer seo specialists, inhouse seo specialists and seo agency employees, webmasters.

What is the goal?

Gain the most points through promoting a search query (for your project) outside of SERP 10 to reach the highest position possible and completing additional tasks assigned by Serpzilla.


  • Whoever gets the most points, ranks 1st in the contest.
  • There are two categories: for informational projects and for commercial projects.
  • Top 3 contestants in each category receive cash prizes.
  • The promoted pages should be indexed by Google.
  • Get more points for complicated keywords, but the search Frequency is normalized to 100 to even the odds. Everything sitting at 10K+ equals 100 (see illustrations below).
  • Inappropriate topics are prohibited. You will be asked to confirm the ownership of the project. 
  • We take into account the positions on Google and the specified region. 
  • We give additional points (via multiplier) for a high competitive level of the keywords (see illustrations below).
Search frequency value (Google Ads)Normilized to
Competition levelMultiplier applied

What are the prizes?

For commercial projects

  • 1st place — $1,000
  • 2nd place — $500
  • 3rd place — $100

For information projects

  • 1st place — $700
  • 2nd place — $300
  • 3rd place — $100

The project winning Best Case nomination gets $300 award.

In conclusion

Now that you are familiar with the key info of the upcoming contest, you better stay tuned and get prepared! The bigger the effort, the higher the chance of winning. Don’t forget the Challenge is going to take place from October 10th to December 15th. 

If you have any additional questions feel free to email us or contact our support team. Good luck!

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