How Much Should You Pay For A Guest Post?

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How Much Should You Pay For A Guest Post?

Guest posts are one of the key tools in every SEO specialist’s arsenal. They not only help in building quality backlinks but also increase brand visibility and attract the target audience. However, the question that always remains relevant is: how much should you charge for a guest post? Let’s figure it out.

Understanding Pricing

The cost of a guest post can vary significantly based on several key factors:

  1. Website Authority. Sites with high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) usually charge more because they provide more valuable links.
  2. Target Audience. If your blog is closely related to SEO topics and attracts specialists looking to learn about new trends and best practices, you can ask for above-average rates.
  3. Content Quality. The better and more unique the content, the more you can charge.

Price Ranges

  • For beginner blogs (DA below 20), prices usually start at $50 per post.
  • Intermediate blogs (DA from 20 to 50) can charge from $150 to $500.
  • Top resources (DA above 50) may ask for $500 and above for one guest post.

Pricing Strategies

  1. Research the market. Talk to colleagues, see how much similar blogs are charging. This will give you an idea of how much you can ask for.
  2. Adopt a personalized approach. Consider offering discounts for a series of posts or long-term cooperation.
  3. Demonstrate value. Show potential clients your blog’s statistics: traffic, audience engagement, successful guest post placements cases.

Real-life Examples

Let’s say you’re an SEO specialist working with a client in the fintech niche. You’ve found a blog with a DA of 35, perfectly matching your target audience. Knowing the blog has high engagement and the topic is an ideal fit, you decide that a price of $300 per post is justified considering the potential reach and quality of backlinks.

Or imagine you’re the owner of an SEO and digital marketing blog with a DA of 45. You’ve received a guest post request from an up-and-coming specialist. Considering the novelty and potential for long-term collaboration, you offer a starting price of $400 per post with the possibility of revising terms after the first few publications.


When determining the price for a guest post, understanding the value your blog provides is key. Don’t underestimate your resources, but also don’t inflate prices without basis. Aim for building long-term relationships with SEO specialists and their clients, and remember, flexibility and understanding the needs of both parties are the keys to successful cooperation. 

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