On July 7, we moderated a webinar by Cutting-edge tactics in Link Building.
The webinar was very intense. We had more than 50 questions. We addressed them to the speakers and hre you can find answers to the most popular ones.

The most popular questions to the spwekers:

  1. How can I increase my crawl rate for a large website?

Ravi Soni: Make your site crawl-ready check your crawling config and make your console error-free improving accessibility of pages across the site leveraging a combination of backlinks for – crawl, trust & relevance.

2. How many links can one add per month?

Pinaki Chakraborty: There is a defined number to it. It is just that we need to ensure we have a good combination of quantity as well quality domains where we get relevant links from.

Ravi Soni: Totally depends upon the stage of your brand and what kind of links you are building for the domain.

3. What ratio some have to take for do follow/no follow?

Sandeep Malya: 70:30 is a good ratio. Lots of top publications like Forbes, WSJ, Fast Company provide mostly no follow links.

Pinaki Chakraborty: The answer to this is as much as possible to get dofollow backlinks. Most of the PR platforms if at all they give you links most of them will give you nofollow backlinks. But its OK to get nofollow links except links coming from social platforms.

4. How to rank a site in 7 days?
How about for a website with a million or more pages?

Pinaki Chakraborty: You don’t rank websites. You rank pages. No one can say how to rank your website or pages within 7 days without knowing the gravity of competition of the domain you are in and many more other factors. How about for a website with a million or more pages? Page number doesn’t matter. Page quality matters. Page quality = good content + good representation of content + better page experience on mobile and readability.

Thank you for your participation! See you at next Serpzilla events.