Crowd Marketing

“Crowd Marketing” is a technique where you promote your product or website by engaging in online communities and conversations. It’s like going to a party and joining in on group chats, talking about topics you know a lot about, and then casually mentioning your own work when it fits naturally into the conversation.

The goal is to be part of the crowd, gain their trust by being helpful and knowledgeable, and then subtly introduce them to what you offer. For SEO, this means joining discussions on forums, social media, blogs, or anywhere your potential users hang out, providing valuable information, and then, where appropriate, linking back to your site. If done right, this can drive traffic to your website and improve your site’s visibility and authority.

The Role of Nofollow Links in Crowd Marketing

Navigating Google’s Terrain

While engaging in crowd marketing, you’ll often share links to your website. It’s important to understand that not all links are treated equally by Google. Nofollow links, in particular, tell search engines not to follow the link back to its source as a vote for ranking. However, they are still useful in crowd marketing as they can drive traffic to your site and support your SEO efforts by diversifying your link profile and aligning with Google’s best practices for a natural-looking backlink landscape.

Building Authentic Connections

Google may not give SEO credit for nofollow links directly, but it recognizes the value of genuine engagement and quality traffic that can result from them. By fostering real conversations and sharing nofollow links where appropriate, you contribute to a healthy, organic growth that Google appreciates.

Best Practices for SEO in Crowd Marketing

When incorporating crowd marketing into your SEO strategy, it’s important to follow these best practices:

  • Provide Genuine Value: Always aim to add to the conversation in a meaningful way.
  • Understand Your Audience: Engage in communities where your target audience is active.
  • Be Consistent: Regular engagement is key to building a reputation within the community.
  • Diversify Your Platforms: Participate in various forums, social media platforms, and comment sections related to your niche.
  • Use Nofollow Links Appropriately: When linking back to your site, ensure it’s relevant and contextual.
  • Monitor Your Impact: Keep track of traffic that comes from your crowd marketing efforts.
  • Stay Ethical: Don’t spam or mislead in your engagements – authenticity is crucial.
  • Measure and Adapt: Continuously analyze the effectiveness of your strategies and adapt as necessary.


Crowd marketing, when executed with care and authenticity, can be a potent component of a broader SEO strategy. It enables businesses to humanize their brand, connect with potential customers, and drive engaged traffic to their website. The judicious use of nofollow links within this strategy aligns with Google’s vision for a more authentic web and can lead to a diverse and healthy backlink profile.

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