About Us

Serpzilla is a modern service created for working with textual ads using a unique process.

Search engine marketing by registering the site in directories with direct links has lost its effectiveness. Frequently, mass registration in catalogues results to a negative effect. Oftentimes, the site promoted by that method could be penalized by the search engine, because:

It is common knowledge that the largest search systems either co-operate with services of contextual advertising, or have their own service. Thus, promotional rise in price leads to rise in price of contextual advertising, and then to increased profits for search systems.

As a result, many advertisers spend huge amounts of money to buy main links from the pages of other sites. In this situation, the only way to reduce the cost of promotion was posting links to internal site pages. Numerous experiments have shown that this method has very high efficiency and low cost.

The main purpose of the system is to allow advertizers to reduce their spending on promotion significantly. At the same time, publishers are provided an opportunity to get extra profits from the sale of ads on their sites.

Logic of the system is constructed in a way to minimize the complexity of the links buy-N-sell process.

The advantages of the system: